The Sun is shining everywhere, not only where an electricity grid reaches. In those places beyond, true pioneer work and innovation are needed.

To us, it is an exciting challenge to further develop the potential of solar energy and find ways to fully utilize it and then use it in new and innovative contexts. We want to create new things, promote innovation and be an active part in the ongoing research and development – as a partner for international organizations, research institutes, companies and private persons. Together with them we develop flexible off-grid solutions of clean energy for unusual locations. An insular system means complex technical know-how wrapped in a compact, easy-to-use product.

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Case Studies

Weinmeier Fürstenzell

System size: 10kWp
Commissioning: 10.2014
Additional task: Garden terrace canopy made entirely from steel and glass see-through PV-Modules

We accepted the architectural challenge of a terrace roof made of photovoltaic modules. Due to our good connections to a metalworks company it was possible for us to find a esthetically pleasing solution. An internal consumption system with specially manufactured, semitransparent modules was the best solution and brought a twofold benefit: The glass-glass modules delivered not only enough electricity for the young family, but also created a fascinating shadowplay on the terrace for the special flair.


Roland Schmidt

System size: 30kWp
Commissioning: 09.2014
Additional task: System for internal consumption with intelligent monitoring

Mr. Schmid has a woodworks manufacture (Arts & Crafts) (www.kunstausholzschmid.de) in a historic four-sided yard. Now he produces his own electricity: An internal consumption system with intelligent monitoring.

A straightforward and complete installation from the roof to the new building connection. Because of the intelligent PV-system monitoring with integrated surveillance of the consuming devices new opportunities for usage optimization could be realized. One example would be that a heating element can be swiched on in case of excess solar electricity. Mr. Schmid fixed his electricity price for a long time.



System size: 400kWp
Commissioning: 11.2013
Additional task: Complete planning and installation or six roofs and electrical connections together with a complex monitoring system


From the complex monitoring system to the sizeable inverter cabinets to the protection of the inverters – planning and realization was done entirely inhouse at Solare Werkstätten.


Heri Kiosk Madagaskar

Solar energy as key for economic development, social sustainability and local competence.

  • We equip the HERI Kiosks in Madagascar with photovoltaic modules consisting of only three main components. This makes them affordable, robust, durable and keeps maintenance simple. The European-Malagasy organization HERI enables the construction of solar kiosks in rural areas. Since there is no connection to the public grid, these kiosks enable then use of electric devices like fridges, printers, chargers or provide lighting. The kiosks are built by local assemblymen and are run by resident women who act as self-determined entrepreneurs. Incidentally, HERI conveys an understanding for renewable energies and replaces inefficient, environmentally harmful and dangerous energy sources.


Solarkiosk Afrika

3 continents, 10 countries, 45 kiosks – and the track continues.

The Berlin-founded project Solarkiosk brings clean electrical energy in remote areas. Locations as of now are in Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia or Rwanda – with technology from Solare Werkstaetten. Designed by Grafts architects Los Angeles, the Solarkiosk is a modular premanufactured, robust, well-transportable and visually appealing assembly kit. Ideal for areas off the grid. Solare Werkstätten developed a unique metal frame construction, carrying all technical components. Simple and efficient the frame is plug&play-enabled for easy insertion in the Kiosk. The basic module can contain photovoltaic modules for 1 to 4 kWp, a battery system makes it possible to operate at night or during unfavorable weather conditions.

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Additional task:

Links: www.solarkiosk.eu


The mountain hut

Clean energy for covering the own energy needs.

Mountain- and Skiing huts, pastures in the (high) alpine terrain or hunting lodges off the public grid are predestined for small-scale photovoltaic installations. We develop the individually fitting solution for every solution and secure professional delivery and assembly, everywhere.

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Research and Development

Examples for use cases